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Google Keep

March 27th, 2013 . by admin

I’ve been trying Keep, Google’s new Android app for note taking, thought storing and a replacement for your brain when you need it.  It’s very simple to use and loads quickly, at least on my phone which is a Motorola Droid Bionic (certainly not the newest and greatest but it works).  Loading quickly, at least for me, is a KEY feature in my life where a second could mean a lost thought between running after my 2 year old, answering the phone, running out to pick up a computer; you know, life!  So far Keep has proven to be useful and simple – no extra hoops, loops, keys to press, flare or fancy fonts – easy, simple, an electronic notepad.  One of my favorite features is that it saves what you type instantly, again simplifying the process, by saving to the Google Drive – basically the new location for Google Docs.  Easy to navigate, the icons used clearly explain their function and the most elaborate feature is the ability to change note colors.  The one downfall I’ve found is the check box feature on a list.  I like my To-Do lists and when (if, ha!) I finish an item I like to check it and remove it but that is not simple.  I found the delete feature by clicking my list, pulling up the menu, Hide Checkboxes THEN delete.  If you check off an item, pull up your menu and hit delete the entire list disappears which I’ve done on more than one occasion.  Google please fix this!  Check out more information from Google Play or download to your Android device.

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